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SDGs at Fleur de Chine


Sincerely inviting you to be a sustainable traveler who is concerned with the world.

In recent years, Taiwanese have become very environmentally-conscientious, and sustainable tourism has come to obtain ever more attention, with modern tourists and travelers beginning to emphasize how their travels impact the places they visit, and engage in positive action to make favorable changes. Sustainable tourism is not only about the ecological environment, but also involves bringing positive impacts and influences on the local culture and economy.

Fleur de Chine considers environmental sustainability as one of our operating principles for which we have designed our very own Sustainability Declaration, integrating our guests, employees, cooperative partners, local residents, and environmental factors as indicators for progress, as we pursue pragmatic efforts and actions to support environmental protection, while also deploying our Sustainability Working Group to ensure the hotel’s sustainable operations.

We have only one planet earth! We invite each of you to join Fleur de Chine as we Go Green, and implement these ideals from the things we eat, wear, enjoy, or while traveling!

Let us share a few moments to discuss Fleur de Chine’s sustainability facilities, with the aim of ensuring that for every environmentally-friendly and sound practice. You will be able to join with us in a like-minded spirit to protect Sun Moon Lake, and ensure the beautiful environs of Sun Moon Lake can always continue to be shared with ever more people.

*The content guide on this page.
>> Sharing with you about 15 Sustainability Actions
>> Fleur de Chine Sustainability Declaration
>> Sharing with You about Sustainability Certification and Awards

【Sharing with you about 15 Sustainability Actions】

1.Reducing Waste and Reducing Plastics /More than mere convenience, we are concerned with our planet.
In 2019, Fleur de Chine eliminated small bottles of bathing items, replacing them all with refillable, sustainable container, and no longer providing toothbrushes, toothpaste and single-use items. Together in unison with our guests, these joint efforts have reduced one tonne of carbon emissions for the planet! (this is equivalent to carbon capture by 83 trees over a year)

2.Biodiversity / To the planet, every life matters.
Fleur de Chine has long been concerned with biodiversity, while also offering a sustainable cross-disciplinary exhibition space. In summer 2023, we collaborated with the Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center (KBCC) and the artistic duo Y2K, to create two massive Terrarium installation artworks, the Misty Stone and the Begonia. We transplanted native and endangered Begonia species and rare bryophytes here aiming for people all over the world to come have the opportunity to learn the importance of species conservation.

3.Green Guided Tour / Step by step learn about the world we live in.
"Why do the large-leaved Nanmu and the Banyan tree grow intertwined?"
"Have you kids seen the small hole? That is the home of pangolin!"
From the interaction of diverse trees mutually strangling, to the daily life activities of protected endangered species, to edible friendly herbs and spices, to the latest terrarium installation artworks, Fleur de Chine’s permanent ecological guided tour “Green Strolling”, takes guests on tours around the hotel hinterland and the mountains behind us, to enjoy a glimpse into the many wonders of nature.

4.Sustainable DIY / From simple experiences, learn about sustainability concepts.
Using empty wine bottles, with circular recycling, by adding some simple colors, we can create an appealing microlight artwork.
Do you know that taking ferns and adding herbaceous plants together in a sealed bottle, without watering, they can still grow? This is because within the bottle a complete micro-ecological cycle is formed. Fleur de Chine will continue to offer newly themed sustainability DIY classes, allowing guests to personally experience hand-made enjoyment, while also learning about varied sustainability concepts. We will incorporate sustainability, into the daily lives.

5.Sustainability Exhibition / Curating an exhibit for all.
Permanent exhibition–Our permanent exhibition of children’s sustainability books in the Fleur de Chine 1F recreation area, offers sustainability themed books for children at all ages. From energy savings, reducing plastic, environmental protection, low carbon, to wild animal protection, the themes cover many different issues, as we hope to cultivate our nation’s future leaders, with a more holistic vision of sustainability precepts.
Beside the permanent exhibition, Fleur de Chine periodically works with local artists to display bronze sculptures, paintings, and ceramic arts, in themed exhibits, aspiring to continue to expand and spread the power of local Nantou arts and culture.

6.Sustainable Agriculture / Protecting the land, contracted rice growing with a story.
If rice is planted and grown by sustainable farming techniques, thus causing uncertainty in crop production, or reduction in crop yields, why intentionally continue following this path?
Since 2021, Fleur de Chine has contracted with the DouNan Town Farmers Association to produce rice, in a collaborative organic farmland cultivation effort ensuring the entire process does not use any chemical fertilizers nor sprays any pesticides. While these efforts may have resulted in unfavorable yields available for purchase, when we consider the environmental improvements, as the ecology has recovered, and witnessed revival of the habitats for the Black-winged Kite and Common Moorhen, returning to their homes, we feel like it has all been worth it.

7.Resource Reutilization / Harvesting the land, ensuring no waste shows our respect for food.
Taiwan wastes as much as 500,000 tonnes of food every year. Starting from December 2020, Fleur de Chine implemented a large scale food waste processor, ensuring every day’s food waste is mixed, cleaned, and dried by heat-treatment, to form kitchen waste dry materials useful for environmentally friendly farming uses as animal feed, plant fertilizer composting, or biofuel energy.
Also, some of the dry waste undergoes fermentation to produce soil improvement conditioner, for fertilizer in the hotel’s plants, and the Fleur de Chine employee garden compost fertilizer, succulent plant pot cultivation DIY, and sent to cooperating environmentally friendly farms and the Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center (KBCC). Through establishing an ecological cycle and circle, we create a circular economy.

8.Environmentally Friendly / Go Green! Cleanup the lake a mile at a time.
In May 2020, Sun Moon Lake witnessed its worst drought in fifty years, as the blue water receded, leaving behind brittle brown soil, along with all manner of trash and items found settled at the lake bottom.
Facing this very disturbing situation, Fleur de Chine worked with our partners for a friendly effort in the appurtenant environment, to clean one mile of the lake per week! From roadside to lakeside, we collected torn plastic bags, discarded fishing gear, cigarette butts and broken bottles, even chairs, carpets, tires and license plates. As of the end of 2021 we had completed a full circle around the lake, altogether collecting 1.1 tonnes of discarded trash!
To the present, every Friday morning, our Fleur de Chine staff regularly gather for Lake Cleaning Day, regardless of whether there is media coverage, we always deploy, and proceed around the path surrounding the lake. As with its lovely name, we hope that Sun Moon Lake will be ever clean and beautiful.

9.Concern for the Disadvantaged / Helping those in need, unleashing the force of circular kindness.
Fleur de Chine has long been involved in efforts to support the disadvantaged. From our participation in local long-term care efforts, post-windstorm disaster relief donation promotion, remote elementary school Christmas present collection, to remote elementary school musical group donation contributions, Fleur de Chine not only participates but proactively supports, as we attentively listen to the needs of entities receiving assistance, and work with the public authorities of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Headquarters, Puli Township Office, and Nantou County Government, to assist civil sector groups in receiving much needed resources according to their actual needs.

10.Protecting wildlife / Our tourist spots, their homes.
For Fleur de Chine employees, there are many tiny expectations that come every day. As they proceed to and from work, they hope to coincidentally see wildlife living in this region.
Sometimes they may encounter a family of Formosan Rock Macaque, happily climbing, swinging, and traversing through the trees. Or they may meet with the cute masked palm civet, curiously poking its head out to say hello, then immediately retreating to disappear back into the forest.
The fact of these amazing encounters, prove the value of Fleur de Chine’s stalwart efforts to protect the environment. These include practical activities such as not spraying any pesticides, not feeding or scaring away any wild animals, and closing the lighting in the back mountain paths during the firefly season.
All of these efforts, are designed to ensure our friendly, mutual existence with the wildlife.

11.Green Restaurant / Behind our high-quality cuisine, we insist on sustainability.
Fleur de Chine is deeply concerned with the quality and sources of our culinary ingredients, as we support food sourced from organic farming, environmentally-friendly and natural farming planting and cultivation, and impose on ourselves a commitment to increasing our proportional use of these in procurement. Our Executive Chefs will visit the actual growing environments and cultivation techniques, ensuring healthy cuisine traceable to the source for all our guests.
The KEN CAN by Ken Chan Cantonese Restaurant, features Michelin 3-Star Executive Chef Ken Chan’s leadership, and has won the AMOT highest restaurant traceability award with a 3-Star. From the time when ingredients arrive, to their production sources, all processes are traceable, transparent and open, which can be searched, allowing guests to eat the best ingredients without worry, and enjoy the finest tasting cuisine.
The Sky Lounge has received the 1 Green Leaf certification of the Green Dining Guide, and is listed among the Pioneer Enterprises in Green Dining. We aim to realize a six-fold pledge of emphasizing procurement of local ingredients, observing sustainable ecological principles, providing fresh fruits and vegetables, and reducing wasted resources.

12.Environmentally-friendly Meal Containers / Anywhere you want to eat you can, in an environmentally-friendly way.
When you go on vacation, it is normal that many single use items will be used, so the Fleur de Chine 3F Boutique offers environmentally-friendly meal containers and utensils for free rental use, allowing you to enjoy takeout food without any environmental burden. Love the planet, starting from our habits, let’s say OUT to end single-use items!

13.Negative Carbon Planting Efforts / For the world, plant a tree.
How much carbon is generated from a single night’s stay at Fleur de Chine? According to expert calculations, approximately 150 kg of carbon dioxide emissions are generated.
Since the end of 2022, Fleur de Chine has implemented a “negative carbon emissions” add-on sale activity. Each room can add NT$47, and Fleur de Chine will purchase carbon credits on your behalf, to offset the carbon emissions generated from a stay, achieving a pioneering “visit that not only did not add carbon emissions, but eliminated carbon emissions for the planet”.
Since 2023, we added a 15th Anniversary- Special Sustainable Plan, allowing guests who joined in the add-on sale special to additionally add carbon credits through Fleur de Chine by tree plantings on a slope at an altitude of 950 meters in the Taiwan Cement Mining Area at Heping Village, Hualien, working together to share in helping the planet.

※Detailed info: What is "Carbon Negative"? Join us in reforestation in Hualien for NT$297 to offset carbon emissions.

14.Sustainability Banquet (2024.Q1) / Sustainability itself is a form of banquet.
When one hosts a beautiful and resplendent banquet, how much carbon is generated? Fleur de Chine is currently working to ensure the answer is “none”. Beside continually improving our green purchasing proportions, reducing the distance from site of production to table top, while offering guests a customizable and luxurious large shuttle bus service, to carbon footprint certified gifts, we also promote add-on purchase of carbon credits. While ensuring the quality of our service remains exemplary, Fleur de Chine invites all the travelers to join us in our carbon-neutral Banquet of Sustainability.

15.Sustainability Hardware Optimizations and Awards’ Recognitions
Fleur de Chine continues optimizing our hardware amenities and facilities, with installation completed for water recoupment and reuse, energy efficiency enhancement equipment, wastewater facilities, central energy savings systems, Fleur de Chine is also Taiwan’s first 5-star hotel to receive the CU-GSTC recognition for the CU-GSTC Hotel Certification. The hotel concomitantly obtained the ISO50001 energy management system (EnMS) accreditation, and FDC International Hotels Corporation has for many years been recognized with the TCSA Corporate Sustainability Award, Commonwealth Magazine CSR Rising Star Award, Global Views ESG Corporate Sustainability Awards, displaying our practical efforts at reducing our impacts on the environment.

【Fleur de Chine Sustainability Declaration】

  • Sustainability and environmental protection begin with myself, and affect all the surroundings and guests.
  • Ensure using only appropriate amounts to stave unnecessary waste.
  • Engage in recycling, and avoid using disposables.
  • Ensure corporate product buying adheres to the same principles.
  • Buy locally and use local resources.
  • Forbid use of shark fins, small shrimp and ingredients that do not conform with environmental protection.
  • Hire local employees.
  • Engage in community service participation.
  • Conserve cultural heritage while supporting local arts and cultural activities.
  • Deploy energy and water savings’ efforts.
  • Reduce pollution and waste.
  • Seek greenhouse gas emission reductions.
  • Optimize transportation volume while reducing the number of trips.
  • Proactively deploy wastewater management to reduce environmentally harmful substances including use of chemical cleaners and solvents.
  • Conserve ecological biodiversity and avoid disturbing wild animals’ natural environs.
  • Actively promote sustainable development and environmental protection precepts.

  • 【Sharing with you about Sustainability certification and awards.】

    National Sustainable Development Award──
    National Development Council, Executive Yuan

    Fleur de Chine has long worked to implement the SDGs with practical efforts to realize the carbon-zero 12 Key Strategies, earning recognition in November 2023 through the National Sustainable Development Award, for the first time in the 19 years of the event bestowed upon a hotel.

    CU-GSTC Hotel Certification──
    Global Sustainable Tourism Council

    In September 2019, Fleur de Chine passed the accreditation and became the first 5-star hotel in Taiwan certified with the CU-GSTC Hotel Certification. The GSTC recognition from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, which is jointly formed by the UNEP, UNICEF, UN Tourism, and Rainforest Alliance, represents fulfillment of the GSTC Destination Criteria. Fleur de Chine continues our periodic self-reviews to improve and streamline our efforts.

    Gold Level Green Hotel certification──
    Ministry of the Environment, Executive Yuan

    Fleur de Chine has accomplished meeting the review standards in the areas of energy savings and carbon reduction, green procurement, resource recycling and utilization, and air quality inspection, and since August 2019, we have been continuously awarded the Gold Level Green Hotel certification.

    Gold Level Green Restaurant certification──
    Ministry of the Environment, Executive Yuan

    Through energy management, using LED lighting, kitchen waste recycling, friendly food ingredient procurement, and environmental health activities and measures, Fleur de Chine’s Crimson and KEN CAN by Ken Chan were recognized in April 2023 with the Gold Level Green Restaurant certification.

    ISO50001 energy management system (EnMS) accreditation──
    SGS Taiwan

    In 2022, Fleur de Chine introduced compliance with the ISO50001 energy management system (EnMS) for the hotel, and obtained full ISO50001 accreditation in November of the same year, continuing to implement our energy savings strategies for energy efficiency.

    AMOT Three Stars Certification──
    Agriculture Multi-Discipline Association of Taiwan

    Fleur de Chine emphasizes our food ingredient quality and sourcing. In September 2022, KEN CAN by Ken Chan, won recognition from AMOT, with its’ highest award for restaurant traceability, the Three Stars Award, recognizing complete transparency of food ingredient arrival, sourcing, and inspection entities, along with its entire production chain realizing sustainable agriculture.

    1 Green Leaf certification of Green restaurant, Pioneer Enterprises in Green Dining──
    Green Dining Guide

    Fleur de Chine’s highest level lakeview restaurant- Sky Lounge, was recognized in August 2022, with entry into the nation’s first Green Dining Guide, while concomitantly receiving accolades among the Pioneer Enterprises in Green Dining, for spreading environmentally friendly precepts.

    Diamond Level, Green Building Label──
    Ministry of the Interior, Executive Yuan

    After review conducted according to the EEWH nine indicator system for green buildings, Fleur De Chine was recognized at the Diamond Level Green Building Label, achieving the highest honors accorded under the standard in June 2020.

    For the future,

    we aim to deploy ever more varied efforts to motivate our devoted guests to join us in protecting the planet, and relying on our #FDCgogreen hashtag to promote more sustainability initiatives, aiming to encourage travelers who support us to join together, using our own power to protect Sun Moon Lake.

    SDGs at Fleur de Chine
    SDGs at Fleur de Chine
    SDGs at Fleur de Chine
    SDGs at Fleur de Chine

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