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Let's be a Sustainable Traveler

Fleur de Chine Hotel has replaced bottled water with Italian sparkling water dispensers and glass bottles. In addition to reducing using plastics, this also allows all our guests to enjoy unlimited sparkling water.

From 2019 till now, Fleur de Chine Hotel and our guests has reduced

PET bottles


Transportation Service

HSR Shuttle Bus
Reservation of High Speed Rail Station shuttle is required, please make a reservation one day prior before 18:00。

Taiwan Railways
When you are at Taichung Train Station, please head to the "Nantou Bus", or "Ren-Yeou Bus" and take the Sun Moon Lake bus.

Taiwan High Speed Rail
Once arrived at Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station, please head to Exit 5 "Nantou Bus THSR Highway No. 6 Express " and take the Sun Moon Lake bus.

HSR Shuttle BusReservation of High Speed Rail Stat...

The Sights

Be a Sustainable Traveler!

Sustainable Travel: Go Beyond Carbon Neutral and Discover Carbon Negative Living! Travel should be an enjoyable experience. Not just for you, but also for the environment and Planet Earth. To that end, we have implemented several eco-friendly measures, like introducing water dispensers at FDC facilities to cut down on plastic bottles. This year, we’re going a step further and introducing a new carbon negative package that guests can purchase to further lower the environmental impact of their stay.