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Exclusive for Fleur de Chine ──

VALMONT SPA offers a unique treatment exclusively designed for Fleur de Chine. This special treatment combines bespoke butterfly techniques with the soothing sounds of the Swiss Alps forest, creating an immersive experience that resembles a meditative state and promotes relaxation of all the senses. Using Swiss high-quality premium skincare products—known for their effectiveness, the treatment infuses energy to awaken the skin's natural protection ability and
provides comprehensive rejuvenation—initiating a healing journey for the body, mind and soul, offering pampering from head to toe to every discerning traveler.

A healing time combining facial and body treatments removes the daily burdens of every traveler. A 60-minute Energize & Invigorate- Alpine Vitality body care treatment advancing blood circulation; combined with a 30-minute delicate 'Totally Bubbly' facial treatment offering an ASMR [Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response] sensory experience that evokes a delicate, supple radiant apple-like skin. Allowing you to enjoy a complete relaxation of the five
senses at the shores of Sun Moon Lake, reminiscent of the tranquility and simplicity of Lake Geneva in Switzerland.
90 min/NT$6,500

Indulge in a revitalizing getaway that offers a blissful respite from the demands of daily life.
Replenish your energy and pamper yourself with a holistic treatment that revitalizes your entire
being. Experience the invigorating effects of our 60-minute Energize & Invigorate - Alpine Vitality body treatment, which uplifts your body and boosts your vitality. Complement it with a refreshing 60-minute Glacier Vital facial that not only rejuvenates your skin but also revitalizes
your inner well-being. Together, these treatments provide a comprehensive rejuvenation journey, leaving you with a renewed sense of vitality and an invigorated spirit.
120 min/NT$8,500

In the pursuit of embracing life's most momentous occasions, only perfection will meet yourstandards. Our exceptional offering guarantees flawlessness in every aspect. Get ready to elevate your experience with our all-inclusive package, harmonizing the luxurious 100-minute Luminosity of Ice intensive facial treatment with the invigorating 60-minute Fit & Tone - Peaks of Slimness body treatment. Meticulously curated, these therapies provide comprehensive care, unveiling your inner luminosity and crafting an indelible memory that encapsulates your innate beauty.
160 min/NT$12,800

Face ──

VALMONT SPA embodies the culmination of VALMONT's four decades of dedicated research into cellular skin care, showcasing the beauty and excellence of the esteemed Swiss premium skincare brand. Our exceptional beauty treatments, infused with VALMONT's aesthetic principles and the rich heritage of Swiss aesthetic medicine, offer an unique and professional experience. Step into the world of VALMONT SPA and embark on an extraordinary journey of facial and
body skincare. Our treatments combine expert knowledge, highly effective products, and the exquisite butterfly massage technique, all tailored to meet the specific needs of your skin. Through our exclusive, comprehensive, and luxurious approach, we strive to preserve youthfulness and enhance natural beauty.
For an added touch of skincare indulgence, travelers can indulge in our renowned Regenerating Collagen Mask, a global bestseller. This mask, enriched with 100% pure collagen, delivers astonishing hydration, firming, illumination, and repairing effects, maximizing the potential of anti-aging cellular care. The 80-minute treatment is elevated to a 100-minute intensive skincare experience, ensuring unparalleled results.

【Luminosity of Ice】
The pure radiance of snowflakes embodies the ultimate aspiration of radiant women. With the
infusion of the Luminosity Ampoule during the massage, this treatment illuminates the
complexion and rectifies the skin, unveiling a pristine, flawless appearance accompanied by a
captivating luminosity.
80 min/NT$5,800
100 min/NT$8,800

【Lift from the Peaks】
Similar to a rejuvenating ski lift for the skin, this treatment incorporates the potent "AWF5 anti-wrinkle complex" at different concentrations and employs deep fascia relaxation techniques. Through a slow and profound massage, it combats the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, and loss of firmness, simultaneously relaxing and toning the muscles. This comprehensive approach softens the appearance of wrinkles and imparts a firming effect to the skin, leaving it revitalized and rejuvenated.
80 min/NT$7,800
100 min/NT$10,800

【Majestic Treatment】
This exquisite luxury facial treatment meticulously crafted by VALMONT merges the finest elements from land, sky, and sea to formulate an exceptionally intensive blend that nourishes, enhances, and boosts the skin's firmness. Through the application of two masks and the utilization of three expert massage techniques, this heavenly anti-aging miracle surpasses the visible signs of aging and cultivates an enduring beauty that endures over time.
100 min/NT$13,800

Body ──

Experience a momentary retreat from the daily hustle and bustle in a serene location nestled near the picturesque lake and majestic mountains. VALMONT SPA presents a collection of exclusive massage techniques expertly crafted for travelers seeking ultimate relaxation. Enriched with the
renowned Echinacea Vitality Massage Oil, extracted from a Swiss-certified organic plant garden, and complemented by other exceptional products, our massage treatment gently alleviates muscle tension, enhances body circulation, and revitalizes the skin's natural defense, unveiling a heightened radiance. Embark on a transformative journey of healing and rejuvenation for the body, mind, and spirit, where comprehensive care and recovery await.

Immerse yourself in a unique treatment that combines the exclusive butterfly massage technique with the transformative Peaks of Slimness body repair series. This personalized massage technique gracefully follows the natural texture of your muscles, sculpting an elegant and slender silhouette with ease.
It initiates a profound body-building process that begins from the surface of
your skin, ensuring every inch is nurtured and perfected.
75 min/NT$5,400

This treatment centers on the source of eternal vitality for women—the abdominal cavity—where vital systems such as the autonomic nerves, gonads, and digestion converge. By precisely targeting the circulation channels and acupoints in this area, this body care process effectively alleviates common discomforts experienced by many women, including persistent headaches, chilly extremities, digestive issues, and irregular menstrual cycles. The result is a restoration of lightness and comfort, enabling you to reconnect with your most balanced and blissful self.
75 min/NT$5,400

This solution includes head stress release, facial skincare, and a comforting back massage.Travelers deserve comprehensive care that is highly efficient and can help restore energy in their precious holiday time. This unique treatment is highly recommended for those who enjoy all-encompassing care. It allows travelers to soothe their heads, relax back muscles with our massage, and regain moisturized facial skin all at once. (This treatment is especially recommended for men.)
75 min/NT$5,400

Mini Add-on ──

  • Mini Add-on treatments are meant to paired with main treatments.
  • Main treatments are not mandatory if two or more Mini Add-on treatments are selected.

  • 【Targeted Scrub (Back/ Legs)】
    Commencing with a gentle dry brushing technique on the back, arms, and back of the legs, this treatment prepares the skin for renewal. Subsequently, soothing body scrubs are carefully applied to exfoliate and refine the skin's texture. The journey concludes with the enveloping application of a luxurious body cream, cocooning the entire body in nourishing hydration.
    30 min/NT$2,400

    【Body Massage (Upper/Lower)】
    Throughout the entire procedure, a soothing kneading technique is employed to gently relax and soothe the deep muscles, providing a rejuvenating treatment for busy travelers seeking to restore their vitality and regain full
    30 min/NT$2,400

    【Meridian Tapping Treatment (Back)】
    Through gentle tapping to stimulate the flow of vital energy (qi) and firmer tapping to alleviate tension, this treatment effectively relieves stagnation on the back using a range of tapping pressures. By incorporating back tapping and vibration, it promotes enhanced circulation of blood and energy, revitalizing and rejuvenating the body.
    30 min/NT$2,400

    【Totally Bubbly Facial】
    Embark on a delightful and impactful ASMR sensory journey with the captivating Totally Bubbly Facial Mask. This unique experience encourages the skin to breathe deeply, unveiling a complexion that is both tender and youthful, radiating a captivating apple-like glow. All this is accomplished within a mere 30 minutes, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
    30 min/NT$2,400

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    Terms of Service and Notes

    /Business Hours/
    Daily 14:00~23:00

    (1)Treatment services are by appointment only, please ask for an appointment in advance; the latest treatment service time is 21:30 (limited to treatments within 80 minutes).
    (2)To ensure your rights, please be on time for your appointment, as any delay may reduce your treatment time.
    (3)If you need to cancel, please call us 24 hours before the treatment time. To ensure every guests' rights to make an appointment, a reservation fee of NT$1,000 will be charged if no prior notice of cancellation is given.

    /Service Charge & Discount Policy/
    All treatment fees are based on the treatment price, plus a 10% service charge.

    /Treatment Room Hours/
    In addition to the massage time, guests are requested to reserve a total of 30 minutes for bathing before and after the body treatment.
    For each additional 30 minutes, an additional NT$1,000 will be charged.

    Reservation and inquiry line: 049-2856788 #3730

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