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FDC Botanical Art Installations

Fleur de Chine Hotel is not only a platform for art, but also a space for demonstration in sustainability. For Fleur de Chine’s latest renovation, Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center (KBCC), with collaborating artists, created two large-size botanical “tank” art installations in the lobby, titled “Misty Stone” and “Unfurling Blossoms.” The KBCC is known as the “ark of plants” and houses over 34,000 live plant species from around the world, contributing to the biodiversity of the Earth through remote preservation.

"Moss quietly chants upon the misty stones, as begonia blossoms unfurl across the tree branches.” In “Misty Stone,” seemingly inconspicuous moss tightly clings to a giant fossil, quietly singing about life's mythical origin 3.5 billion years ago, as it migrated from the water to the land. The diversity of begonia is evident in “Unfurling Blossoms” as flowers bloom gorgeously, painting the earth in a myriad of colors, each leaf as unique as life itself.

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