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Project Consultant: Dr. Li Jiawei
Artsts: Synphysica–Chou Chiaochi, Hu Youyang
KBCC: Chen Junming, Cheng Gengyu
Many thanks to our collaborators and construction partners

About the artists – SYNPHISICA

SYNPHISICA is an artist duo consisting of Hu Youyang and Chou Chiaochi. Hu was born in 1995 in Wuhan, an industrial city in China, while Chou was born in 1996 in a mountainous region of Taiwan. Their different backgrounds have developed their opposing views on human development and environmental conservation. In 2018, they collaborated to launch the SYNPHISICA team, which explores the dichotomous relationship between humans and plants, and inspires the audience to reflect on an interactive experience driven by biological signals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hu completed his Master in Computer Science at National Taiwan University, expanding his knowledge of computational technology, while Chou is pursuing a Doctorate in Life Science at Tsinghua University, where she is studying plant physiology. They are seeking to understand technology’s impact on ecological evolution amidst their lives’ isolation. As bio-hybrid experiments have shifted from exhibition spaces to natural scenarios, Hu and Chou have deliberately considered the discrepancy between human subjective understanding and the material world. In 2022, they launched an exhibition called *Lichtung* [‘glade’ or ‘clearing’ in German], which attempts to describe the process of ‘energy’ transfers between matter, information, and living organisms. An analysis of the interactions between these elements enables Hu and Chou to answer their questions about the existence of ontology.

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