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The design philosophy for sustainability at Fleur de Chine is "dialoguing with nature,” and focuses on "listening to the sounds of plants” is at the center of the hotel’s effort in preservation of species. The two botanical art installations in the lobby are the perfect embodiments of the concepts of greenery, environmental protection and sustainability, aiming to encourage travelers to appreciate and understand the value of biodiversity through art.

The installation “Unfurling Blossoms” was curated by Dr. Li Jiawei, CEO of Dr. Cecilia Koo Botanic Conservation Center in collaboration with the bio-art duo "Symphisica” and features 19 carefully selected species of Begonia, including Begonia bouffordii C.-I Peng '' discovered in the Jiujiufeng Nature Reserve near Sun Moon Lake, as well as a variety of begonia species from around the world.

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