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【Year of The Rabbit】Lunar New Year's Japanese Season Special Event

2023/01/09 - 2023/02/28

Welcome the Lunar New Year and celebrate the festive season! We invite you to experience a variety of activities in an authentic Japanese atmosphere, and welcome the Lunar new year with joy!

New Year Beat Gongs──

10:00-18:00 / 3F Hall
Beat Gongs to pray for happiness and do charity. You can get a taste of beat gongs activity once you donate to Taiwan Spinal Bifida Support Society on-site.

Japanese Season DIY──

09:00-11:00 Daruma Key Chain DIY (1/10~1/20、1/30~3/1)
14:00-15:30 Dorayaki DIY (1/9~1/19、1/29~2/28)

Lunar New Year DIY──

09:00-11:00、14:00-15:30 Shime-nawa DIY
(1/20 afternoon、1/21-1/28 morning and afternoon、1/29 morning)

Limited Dining Offerings──


▏Crimson International buffet (dinner time)
.Special dish: Matcha rice stew
.Themed desserts: Matcha Chocolate Fountain, Uji Kintoki, Matcha Madeleine, Matcha Cheese, Matcha Puff, Matcha Warabi Mochi, Matcha Macaroon, Matcha Red Bean Mousse

▏Rainbow Cloud
.Select one of two choices of dessert after dinner: Matcha dumpling and red bean soup/Japanese matcha tofu

▏Eau Cloud (dinner/evening snack time)
.Eau Cloud seasonal limited drinks (Matcha Baileys, Matcha Au Lai) are available during the Japanese season.

▏Lobby Lounge
.Lobby Lounge Japanese seasonal meals and beverages (Japanese sashimi donburi, Japanese beef donburi, Matcha Baileys, Matcha Au Lai)

1/22-1/28 Japanese New Year's Market (Toshinoichi)

1/9-2/6 New Year Beat Gongs

1/22 Lion Dance

1/23-1/25 Welcome the God of Wealth

【Lunar New Year Classic Events】

▏1/21 Lunar New Year's Eve

Lunar New Year's Eve Golden Treasure──

23:59-00:30 / 3F Lobby
Taste specially made golden dumplings and pray for abundant prosperity.

▏1/22 First Day of the Lunar New Year

Wen Wu Temple Traditional New Spring Walk──

07:00-08:00 / 3F Hall (Cancelled in case of rain)
You can light worship candles and the “Pacifying Taisui” ceremony to pray to the Wen Wu God of Wealth, Wenchang Emperor and Matchmaker for good fortune, good success, and good destiny.
※Please make a reservation at the Recreation Center on the 1st floor before 18:00 the day before (maximum 20 seats)

Lion Dance──

10:00-10:30 / 3F Hall
The God of Wealth will lead four lions to perform "The Lion Dance to Celebrate the Lunar New Year" and give traditional small red envelopes on site.
※Performer: Dragon and Lion Dance Martial Arts and Drum Troupe

▏1/23-1/25 2nd to 4th day of the Lunar New Year

Welcome the God of Wealth──

10:30-11:30 / 3F Hall
The God of Fortune will send out a dollar signifying all things begin anew, and you can receive a traditional small red envelope for good luck.

▏1/22-1/28 First to Seventh day of the Lunar New Year

Japanese New Year's Market (Toshinoichi)──

10:00-12:30、13:30-17:00 (on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year open to 18:00) / 3F Torii Promenade (Banquet Hall Promenade)
The Japanese New Year Street is a wonderful and interesting place with a wide variety of booths, food and fun, inviting you to stroll around the street in the Lunar New Year.
※The event is open to the public, with special spring coins at NT$50 each required for redeeming purchases.


10:00-12:30、13:30-20:00 (on the 7th day of the Lunar New Year open to 18:00) / 3F Soaring Cloud
Mini Bowling, Golf Putting, Pool and Billiards are available for you to enjoy.
※Each facility can be used for 15 minutes per guest room (by appointment only)
※Fun Challenge (11:00-11:30 / 15:00-15:30): Small prizes for successful challenges (on-site registration)

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