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Find Fun Around the Lake

Special Events during 2024 Summer.

Let’s meet up in summer, to enjoy the artistic seas in the mountains!

Who says Nantou is not the perfect place for summer, the Sun Moon Lake is the most beautiful and enjoyable “seas in the mountains”.
This summer, Fleur de Chine is offering a panoply of delights from morning to evening with themed activities and special occupancy options, allowing you to enjoy the mountains, lake and streams, for a summertime aesthetic and ecologic adventure, in a summer fit of fun-filled exploration. With layer upon layer of hills and expansive mountains, surrounded by afternoon clouds, and silken strands of gentle light piercing through, light and shadows creating nature’s finest paintings, amidst the uniquely placid peace of Sun Moon Lake, infusing subtle hints of vivacity.

A visit to Fleur de Chine in summer, to take in the mountains, the silky clouds, and premiere cuisine, departing from the urban hustle and bustle to enjoy the Sun Moon mountains and waters. Leisurely feel the gentle breeze softly flowing, with the cicada resonance resounding and reverberating, with the pleasant beat of an afternoon rhythmic rain, enjoying your soulful holistic healing date with nature!

*This page’s contents guide
>> New fun-filled traveler dedicated tour guide, for fun exploration in the mountains and waters.
>> Artistic children DIY, experience a tour perfect for cultivating your little artists.
>> Let’s enjoy a weekend of fun together, welcome to the mermaid princess’s world.
>> A choice of Summer special housing offer, with designated package treating one child free of charge.
>> Recommendations for Nantou Highlights you mustn’t miss.

【New fun-filled traveler dedicated tour guide】

Taomi Riverside Park • Water──

Summertime is for water fun! Nantou is renowned for Sun Moon Lake, azure seas amid mountains, and also has a world of water fun in the mountains too, at the Taomi Riverside Park. Enjoy swimming without the traditional mandatory swimwear, and relax while enjoying cool waters in summer. There is not only the full family water park hidden amid the mountains, but also a panoply of natural woods and nearly a hundred species of ferns, with many types of frogs and diverse insects, in a rich ecology unique to the Taomi Village. Welcome to enjoy with us this all natural stream waters park and natural atmosphere, an ideal gift perfectly suited for your enjoyment.
Available:every Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday from 3:30pm ~5:30pm.
Price:NT$350/ per person (Minimum 2 people)(under 6 are free)
※Free tours are offered for reservations of designated package from the official website.
※To avoid catching a cold after the water enjoyment, bring your own fresh change of clothes and towel(s).
※As the weather starts to become colder, the water park closes, and is only available until September 25.

Colorful Daylily • Mountain──

Located amidst the Sun Moon Lake Toushe village’s daylily area, laying a goldenrod layer to the distant mountains and nearby valleys, this sea of flowers delightfully sways in the breeze, as if waving to all her visitors, welcoming your arrival to this splendor. The plantings here include over 200 varieties of flowers, including diverse seven colored daylilies, adding touches of color and vibrancy to the sea of flowers. The
hills, azure skies, pastel sea of flowers, perfectly woven together into a most beautiful painting.

And Toushe is Taiwan’s largest peat soil basin, covering an expansive 200 hectares. The area features not only the unique seven colored daylilies, but also experiencing the peat soil basin’s rhythmic movements. Enjoy a walk through the Mambo fields, to the special mambo rhythm, taking part together in a dance with nature.
Available:every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 3:30pm~5:30pm.
Price:NT$350/ per person (Minimum 2 people)(under 6 are free)
※Free tours are offered for reservations of designated package from the official website.
※We recommend wearing suitable shoes for outdoor walking as you explore the mesmerizing wonders of the fields of flowers.

【Artistic Children DIY】

Digital Painting──

On a pre-outlined canvas add different colors accordingly, to fill the work as it emerges as a painting, after working together as a budding painter, while experiencing oil painting’s rich colors in the beauty of patterned artwork.
Available:every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9am ~10:30am.
Available for:one free for every guest room, and second is available for NT$200 each.

The Clay Picture Frame──

Children’s creative mind is unlimited, so if you want to explore art without paint, you can use colorful and fluffy Light Clay instead! Explore all your creativity in a clay picture frame, enjoying every minute of inventive fun, as you create a one of-a-kind memory and artistic expression.
Available:every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, 9am~10:30am.
Available for:one free for every guest room, and second is available for NT$200 each.
(※To ensure children do not accidentally ingest the clay, it is recommended for children only over age 3; and children under 6 should be accompanied by an adult.)

Plant Terrarium Class──

"Mini Ecological Aquarium", let's put lichens and various plants inside a glass jar. Guided by our staff, create a mini self-sustaining ecosystem, crafting your own bottle of healing forest.
Available:daily 2:00pm ~2:40pm./ 2:50pm ~3:30pm.
Available for:One DIY material in special price NT$200 per room. Additional purchase NT$350. (Maximum number of servings per session:10)

【Let's enjoy a weekend of fun together】

Mermaid Theater “Protecting the Mountain’s Seas”──

Welcome to the mermaid’s world, join in the story theater, engaging close-up with the mermaids, exploring the secrets and conservation of the seas, for an immersive marine adventure! Follow this ancient Sun Moon Lake myth and travel through time, at the end of the story, join the Princess Mermaid for a swim at the pool.
Available:every Saturday 3:30pm~5:00pm.
Location:1F Water World-Outdoor Children's Pool
※During rainy days, the activity will be moved to the indoor swimming pool.
【Click Here to add the Mermaid Outfit Experience】

Special Evening Event──

On Sunday we have a special added family fun interactive event, alternating every other weekend!
Enjoy a Live music performance; with the ‘Flutes Family’ performing unique compositions by a composer from Hameln, the German town of fairytale ; and enjoy local indigenous element dance choreography with the Aowanda Forest indigenous children’s Chin-Ai Music strings performance, an unforgettable evening awaits of your attendance!
Available:specified dates on Sat. 8pm~9:40pm.
Location:3F Banquet
"Special Performance" Schedule
※Specified dates and times will replace originally scheduled evening performances.

Children’s Adventure and Creative Arts──

On Saturday we have a special evening event, alternating every other weekend!
At times rhythmic, at times placid, for a summer fit of fun. Experience native Nantou bamboo, in a bamboo arts experience, creating a rainbow bamboo cup coaster. Become a little sketch artist for a day, led by a professional teacher, explore the beauty of vitality at Fleur de Chine’s Eco-Cylinder, and use your art supplies to capture these precious moments. Enjoy the move and groove your body treasure hunt game, joining the renowned Cloud Gate for a little musical rhythm activity. Let's do it! Family fun stream trekking and fish and shrimp exploration as you immerse amid the rich natural ecology of Taomi and create most unforgettable memories.
Available:as specified on Sundays from 9am~10:30am.
(The Move and Groove Body Treasure Hunt Game is on September 14(Sat.) 3pm~5pm).
Location:For details, please see the event registration page.
"Special Performance" Schedule
※Specified dates and times will replace originally scheduled DIY activities.
※※Participation is limited, please make your reservation early.【Click here to make a reservation.】
(The registration deadline is 18:00 the day before the event. If you register after 18:00 or the session is fully booked, the online form will be closed.)

【Summer Special Housing Offer】

The Best Choice for Family Travel──

| One Night Stay with Two Meals, Summer Special Offer: Complimentary Stay for One Child From 6 to 12 Years Old
※One night with two meals, including the Crimson buffet breakfast and dinner.
※Available:all room type, limited to five rooms per day.
【Book Now】
【Package+ High Speed Rail】
※ For detailed promotions and terms, please refer to this page.

【Exclusive dining events offer for guests living in Fleur de Chine!】

Exclusive for guests staying at Fleur de Chine! Let's embark on the most relaxed and comfortable culinary journey.──

Applies from check-in day to check-out day.
| 2F/ KEN CAN by Ken Chan Chinese restaurant, Rainbow Cloud teppanyaki feast
Lunch time, living guests can enjoy a 15% discount.

| 3F/ Lobby Bar
All day, living guests can enjoy a 10% discount.

| Each person need only add-on NT$1,980+10%, for upgraded meals for breakfast and dinner:
(1)Dinner upgrade, enjoy one of either KEN CAN by Ken Chan Chinese restaurant or Rainbow Cloud
Teppanyaki (set meal priced NT$2,980+10%).
(2)On the following morning enjoy a free upgrade to the Sky Lounge breakfast (price of NT$1,280+10%).
※To ensure dining quality, the Sky Lounge offer is available only to guests over the age of 10.

※The service charge will be additionally calculated.
※ For more details on dining discounts and terms, please refer to this page.

【Recommendations for Nantou Highlights you mustn’t miss】

Babbuza Dreamfactory──

The world’s largest indoor factory tour, the Shuter Babbuza Dreamfactory, will take you to plant the seeds of a dreamy adventure.
Dedicated to the aesthetics of organizing in all fields, the facility also adhere to sustainability in original design and quality assurance, striving to promote Taiwan worldwide. Nestled amidst the amazing scenery of the 99 Peaks, our facility has won 14 international architecture awards, for our architectural masterpiece, the "Light Box" seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces, offering visitors unique perspectives on all the surrounding natural beauty.
Experience the four pillars of adventure awaiting, so hurry to Nantou to share our dreams, challenging adventures, the fun of organizing, and the vitality of Taiwan’s localized design and production, through our unique approach of All-Playing, All-Learning, All-Experiencing and All-Interactivity.

Limited to Fleur de Chine guests only:
• Use your guest reservation confirmation form, receipt, or invoice document, for tickets for your room’s guests for free entry to the tour. (No additional incentive souvenir gift discounts or cash discounts apply)
• Each guest document (receipt) can only be exchanged for four free tickets, and must be used within two days before or after the guest stay.
(e.g. if you stay on January 31, 2024, then you can use the free ticket vouchers between January 29, 2024 to February 2, 2024.)

Available for entry: from this date until December 31, 2024
Address:No. 6, Gongye S. 6th Rd., Nantou City
Official website:


/Summer Specials/
1.Events may change due to force majeure, please accept our apologies, notices on site shall be deemed
2.In the event of inclement weather adversely affecting Fun Travel, to ensure guest safety, we will move
activities indoors to enjoying tea or Cona’s Chocolate Castle.
3.Fleur de Chine reserves the right to adjust any activities or modify event contents.

/Select Theme Specials/
1.Regular and high season dates are as determined on the official hotel website.
2.Specials cannot be added to additional special offers.
3.The LDC Tourism Group vouchers (such as LDC visitor vouchers, domestic travel card vouchers), cannot
also be used.

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