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DiDi Fun Travel Guide

2023/2/1 - 2023/12/31

Take the Fleur de Chine shuttle to visit the surrounding attractions. The itinerary is announced on-site.

/Mon., Wed., Fri.→ Maolan Mountain./

The Maolan Mountain trail is located on the northern side of Sun Moon Lake, at an altitude of 1,020 meters. The entrance of the trail lies diagonally across from Sun Moon Lake Station of the Kuok-Kuang Motor Transportation line and adjacent to Mingtan Junior High School. The trail leads to the Tea Industry Improvement Farm’s Yuchi and the Central Weather Bureau’s Sun Moon Lake Meteorological Station, over a total length of 4.6km. Along the way, lies a secluded environment with pristine views, and you can enjoy panoramic vistas of the Assam tea plantation, the Taiwan fir forest and Sun Moon Lake. At the top of the trail, you will enjoy seeing the Jiufenerh Mountain and Jiji Great Mountain, which are the best places to watch the sunrise at Sun Moon Lake.

In addition, the slope of the valley to the left of the old tea factory is abundantly covered with tea trees, making the entire view very attractive. After passing the old tea factory, there is a row of magnificent Ceylon olive trees along the roadside, and the red leaves fall all over the road, leaving the scenery quite beautiful and very romantic, as the perfect spot for newlyweds to take wedding dress photos.

The meteorological station on top of Maolan Mountain is one of the four alpine meteorological stations in Taiwan, the other three are at Mt. Yushan, Alishan, and Yangmingshan’s Bamboo Lake; the meteorological station is usually open to the public and it offers a resting pavilion where visitors can enter and enjoy the amazing scenic vistas and beautiful environs.

/Tue., Thu., Sun., and Sat.→ Wenwu Temple./

As you hike from Hotel Fleur de Chine to Wenwu Temple, located on the north side of Sun Moon Lake, following the trail around the lake, you will see abundant flowers blooming in all seasons, with the mountains overlapping, and green waves shining like a mirror. With the narration of the tour guides, walk up the Year of Steps presenting 24 solar terms and dates, feeling the historical memory of the ancient people engraved on the temple building, and enjoy visiting the religious culture and artistic beauty of the temple buildings.

Wenwu Temple

Wenwu Temple

Maolan Mountain

Maolan Mountain

Wenwu Temple

Maolan Mountain


Q:Is there a limit to the number of participants? Or is there an age limit? Is it limited to hotel guests only?
A:The tour is designed for guests of the Hotel Fleur de Chine only, and a tour can be launched with a minimum of any two guests. The recommended age for the climbing trip is 12 years old or older, and for the trail trip, all ages are most welcome.

Q:Will there be tour guides? Is transportation included?
A:There will be professional and lively tour guides to lead the tour and introduce the surrounding environment. Round trip transportation will be provided by shuttle bus from the Hotel Fleur de Chine.

Q:What time will the tours start? How long will the tour last overall?
A:The tour starts right on time every day at 15:30. The complete tour lasts about 2 hours.

Q:Are there stops in between the tour at other locations?
A:No, there are not. We will all depart from the Fleur de Chine Hot Spring Hotel to our destination and return to the hotel at the end of the tour.

Q:Do we need to pay special attention to attire?
A:Considering the current outdoor weather, we recommend you wear a light top, sun-protective jacket, hat, casual trousers and cloth shoes. If you may sunburn or fear mosquitoes, you should bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent. The hotel will also prepare mosquito repellent, sunscreen and medical supplies in case of emergencies.

Q:How is the price calculated?
A:Hotel guests subscribing to the Fun Travel program can experience the program for free, while those who do not subscribe to the program must pay for themselves. The price is NT$350 for those age 7 and above, and those age 0 to 6 (inclusive) are free of charge.

Q:What time should we register before?
A:You should sign up the day before at the Activity Center counter on the 1st floor.

Q:What else should we be aware of?
A:Children aged 6 to 12 must be accompanied by a parent. Older climbers and those with heart disease and high blood pressure are encouraged to participate only at their own considered discretion. You should prepare: water, towels, ID cards, and your personal snacks.

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