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Mountain Mist Hot Spring


Our sodium bicarbonate hot spring is extremely rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and carbonic acid ions. It is colorless, odorless and great for health and skin.

It is nicknamed “the hot spring for beauty.” Separated into men’s and ladies’ nude areas, you will enjoy the soothing and relaxing experience of immersing yourself in the pool.

1.To ensure quality of use, the maximum number of people in both the men's and women's Mountain Mist Hot Spring is limited to 15 people.
2. Mountain Mist Spring is separated into men’s naked bath and woman’s naked bath. Children under 6 years old (including 6 years old) are not allowed to enter the venue. Children over 6 years old and under 12 years old must be accompanied by parents of the same sex. Children over 12 years old can go in and out freely.
3. No swimming, diving, running, or rough play in pool areas, showers, or locker rooms.
Mountain Mist Hot Spring
Mountain Mist Hot Spring

【Opening Hour】

Entry for men and women is based on designated time slots:
Daily 07:00~23:30, please enter Mountain Mist Hot Spring by 22:30 at the latest.
(If there are special events, the opening hours for the men's and women's hot springs will be adjusted accordingly. Please refer to on-site announcements or contact us for more information.)

【Cleaning & Maintaining Hour】

To maintain water quality and environmental cleanliness of the pool, cleaning operations will be conducted during the following sessions. The men's and women's hot springs will be temporarily closed during these operations:
- Every thurs. to Mon. 12:00~13:00、17:00~18:00
- Every Tue. & Wed. 12:00-15:00

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