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Sky Lounge

Landscape restaurant on the top floor

Green Dining Guide - One Leaf Green Restaurant

The Sky Lounge features a unique 270° panorama view of the lake and a long wall of mirrors that creates the pure, holy and spiritual aura of a Gothic church. The beauty of the glistening lake and blossoming flowers deliver elegance while the beautiful lattice windows frame the landscape.
※Please make your reservation at least one day in advance.



Opening Hours & Price

Breakfast:07:30~10:00 (Last order at 09:30)
Price:NT$1,280+10% per set ※Please make a reservation one day before 15:00.

Lounge Bar: Afternoon Tea 14:00~16:00
Price: Hotel offer buy-out services for party of 40 and above (priced at NT$20,000) ※Please make a reservation prior.

Dinner:17:00~19:00 / 19:30~21:30 (Every session limited 20 sets.)
Price:NT$2,980+10% per set ※Please make a reservation one day before.
※From now~ sold out. SKYLOUNGE X TWININGS limited collaborative dinner set.

Supper:21:30~23:30 (Last order at 23:00)
Price:NT$360+10% minimum charge per person ※Please make a reservation one day before.
※If the weather is poor on the day, supper service will be suspended and notified by 8:30 p.m.
New product:
※The "Rose Charcoal-roasted Tea" tasting package, including lakeside gathering and evening tea appreciation.
※"ETNA Coffee (Hot)", selected coffee and caramelized black sugar weave together layers of richness and sweetness, making every sip a delightful feast for the taste buds.




Dress code

A smart casual look is all you need.

Recommended Attire for Men
Trousers / Khaki Pants / High-Quality Jeans / Shorts
Dress Shirts / Sweaters / Polo Shirts
Sneakers / Casual Shoes

Recommended Attire for Women
Dresses / Skirts (Long and Short) / Shorts
Blouses / Sweaters
Flats / Casual Shoes / Low Heels

Please refrain from wearing the following attire and accessories upon entry
Slippers / Pajamas / Bathrobes / Swimwear

Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge
+ 3
※In order to environmental protection, the disposable tableware and take-away service are not offered.
※ The Sky Lounge is merely open for clients over 10 years old.
※The opening time of the restaurant will be adjusted by the weather conditions. If it rains, the hotel reserves the right to change the dinning place. Please follow the announcement on the spot.
※ Please make your reservation at least one day in advance.

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