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Soaring Cloud

Multifunction banquet / Meeting center

Being a distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Soaring Cloud provides a serene space. Both clear and misty days provide beautiful views of the mountains and lake, making it optimal for business conferences, board of directors meetings or theme parties. Taking a break and walking down the corridor, you can take in a breath of the essence of Sun Moon Lake and let the energy of nature rejuvenate you, replenishing your vigor and vitality.


Opening Hours

  • Projector, Laser Pointer, Wireless Microphone, Projection Screen(150 inches)
  • Movable KTV System, Conference System, Land Line, Internet
  • Instant Translation, Video-Conferencing System, Red Banners, Florists, Copier, FAX
  • Registration Tables, Invitation cards, Podium

    *The actual fee of these above amenities, please contact our staff for futher info. *

  • Soaring Cloud
    Soaring Cloud

    ※In order to environmental protection, the disposable tableware and take-away service are not offered.
    ※You are welcome to bring in your own alcoholic beverages. Corkage Fee for Wine NT$500 / Per Bottle、Hard Liquor NT$500 / Per Bottle.
    ※All rates, service charges and VAT are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact 049-285- 6788 for reservations or with questions.

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