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Glow Life Festival


Spring has quitely arrived, bringing the warmth of the season. During this time, plants are sprouting fresh green leaves, and vibrant flowers bloom exuberantly. The surroundings of Sun Moon Lake are adorned with a lively and colorful atmosphere.

In the season of spring, we invite you to discover small beauties in life with us and experience the gentle surprises of nature's radiant moments.

Exclusive dining events offer for guests living in Fleur de Chine!

Applies from check-in day to check-out day.

【Exclusive for guests staying at Fleur de Chine!】

Exclusive for guests staying at Fleur de Chine!
All four restaurants offer special limited offers, inviting you to not only savor the mountains, clouds, and lake views,but also enjoy a variety of delicacies.
Let's embark on the most relaxed and comfortable culinary journey.

Be a Sustainable Traveler! And plant trees with us.

Sustainable Travel: Go Beyond Carbon Neutral and Discover Carbon Negative Living!

Sustainable Luxury at Fleur de Chine

2021/04/06 - 2030/12/31

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DiDi Fun Travel Guide

From now~ 2024/12/31

Take the Fleur de Chine shuttle to visit the surrounding attractions. The itinerary is announced on-site.

FDC Guide: Family Fun at Fleur de Chine Hotel

2019/09/25 - 2030/12/31

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【DiDi Kids Passport】Collect stamps, get free lodging!

A fun activity for kids to earn endless rewards.