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History of Fleur De Chine

Located near the northern shore of Sun Moon Lake, Fleur de Chine Hotel offers a bright, peaceful space set against the encompassing and ever-changing panoramas of the Lake, where our guests can take in the incomparable beauty of nature’s painting from every angle.
Fleur de Chine offers 211 elegantly designed guestrooms, each of which comes with a natural hot spring bathtub for you to enjoy full relaxation in utmost privacy. For a complete vacationing experience, the hotel also includes six gourmet restaurants featuring tantalizing Chinese and Western cuisines.
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History of Fleur de Chine
The first hot spring of sun moon lake

Fleur de Chine has 211 rooms in total, all with elaborately designed French windows, balconies and in-room hot spring marble bathtubs. There are six restaurants providing a wide range of cuisines including international buffet (Crimson), Teppanyaki (Rainbow Cloud), Classic Chinese (KEN CAN by Ken Chan), Dim Sum (Eau Cloud), afternoon tea and drinks at the grandiose Lobby Lounge, and our beautiful rooftop bar (Sky Lounge). Our ballrooms, Cosmos Cloud and Soaring Cloud, allow over 500 guests or up to 40 round tables for banquets. In 2016, TripAdvisor’s Travellers' Choice selected Fleur de Chine as a Top Hotel in Taiwan. In 2015, Fleur de Chine was selected by the Global Views magazine as Taiwan's Top Leisure Hotel and received a World Luxury Hotel Award as well as the award for Luxury Rooftop View Hotel.
The Origin of Fleur de Chine's Mascot - White Deer
Legend of Thao

The origin of Fleur de Chine’s White Deer mascot is derived from an old legend called the “Deer-chasing to Shuishalian”from the Taiwanese aboriginal tribe“Ita Thaw.” It was said that the warriors from the Ita Thaw tribe of Mt. Ali were chasing after their chief in preparation for a worship ceremony for ancestral spirits. However, the hunting did not go well, and they were not able to find anything for days. When they were getting ready to camp for the last night, a huge white deer suddenly appeared. The warriors chased it all the way to a lake, but the deer just leaped into the lake and vanished into the void. Suddenly, they found that they were surrounded by giant mountains and shining reflections from the lake. Innumerable fish and shrimp were waiting for them. They believed that the white deer was sent by their ancestral spirits to guide them to discover this paradise. Thereafter the Ita Thaw people settled down by the Shuishalian (today called Sun Moon Lake) and lived happily ever after. The habitation of the Ita Thaw tribe today is just 12 minutes’drive around the lake from our hotel.
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Hotel with the best view of Sun Moon Lake.

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「An elegant Eden on the Lake Glorious views. An idyllic setting and warm service make this hotel a stand out on the lake. 」Suzette



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