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The First Hot Spring of Sun Moon Lake

After the 921 earthquake in 1999, Fleur de Chine kick-started the road to reconstruction for continuing the development and operation of the Chinatrust Sun Moon Lake Hotel since 1975.

During the period of renovation, the idea of discovering hot springs appeared. Although hot springs in Sun Moon Lake had been unheard of before, the hotel actively engaged in geologic exploration and carried out drilling projects in several places.

Finally, Fleur de Chine discovered affluent hot springs at a depth of more than 1,000 meters at the entrance next to the big stone. From then on, the existence of the first hot spring of Sun Moon Lake was discovered.

The Origin of Fleur de Chine's Mascot - White Deer

The origin of Fleur de Chine’s White Deer mascot is derived from an old legend called the “Deer-chasing to Shuishalian”from the Taiwanese aboriginal tribe“Ita Thaw.”

It was said that the warriors from the Ita Thaw tribe of Mt. Ali were chasing after their chief in preparation for a worship ceremony for ancestral spirits. However, the hunting did not go well, and they were not able to find anything for days. When they were getting ready to camp for the last night, a huge white deer suddenly appeared. The warriors chased it all the way to a lake, but the deer just leaped into the lake and vanished into the void.

Suddenly, they found that they were surrounded by giant mountains and shining reflections from the lake. Innumerable fish and shrimp were waiting for them. They believed that the white deer was sent by their ancestral spirits to guide them to discover this paradise. Thereafter the Ita Thaw people settled down by the Shuishalian (today called Sun Moon Lake) and lived happily ever after. The habitation of the Ita Thaw tribe today is just 12 minutes’drive around the lake from our hotel.
The origin of Fleur de Chine’s White Deer mascot i...

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When you are at Taichung Train Station, please head to the "Nantou Bus", or "Ren-Yeou Bus" and take the Sun Moon Lake bus.

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Once arrived at Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station, please head to Exit 5 "Nantou Bus THSR Highway No. 6 Express " and take the Sun Moon Lake bus.
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