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Fleur de Chine Hotel Cares for Your Health

FDC Hotel has fully launched epidemic prevention measures to protect your health.

Upgrade Epidemic prevention is fully launched to protect your health and safety.

The hotel strictly plans a series of epidemic prevention measures in accordance with the " Coronavirus Infection Prevention Guidelines" given by the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and ensures the guest health and provides a comfortable lodging experience. We invite you to prevent the COVID-19 together.

The hotel implements the following 6 major anti-epidemic measures:

  1. Frequent hand-washing for self-protection

    Paying attention to hand hygiene promotion, Fleur de Chine installs sufficient alcohol dry-cleaning machines (including hotel counters, restaurants, banquet venues, parking lot entrances and exits, elevators, public restrooms and employee areas, etc.) in the hotel, and show the correct hand-washing methods by poster to remind our guests of washing hands frequently with soap and maintaining good hand hygiene.

  2. Professional cleaning and disinfection training

    Making active and frequent cleaning and disinfection plans, the professional sanitation and nursing personnel guide the hotel staffs to conduct various operations and training tasks.Selecting the hospital grade disinfectant " Quats," we do the comprehensive cleaning and disinfection at frequent contact points and public areas every few hours.

  3. Periodic public area cleaning and disinfection

    Periodic disinfection focuses on elevators, elevator button covers, handles, telephones and appliances contacted by hands in the public and staff areas of the entire hotel. In addition to regular disinfection of children's recreational spaces, an air purifier is added. The shuttle buses are cleaned and disinfected before and after the transportation each time.

  4. Guest room cleaning and disinfection

    Guest room cards are sterilized by ultraviolet light. In addition to the daily routine cleaning and disinfection in the guest room, the team strengthens the cleaning and disinfection operations at 17 frequent contact points, and uses the medical-grade disinfectant (Quats) for disinfection twice.

  5. Disinfection equipment

    We use medical-grade ultraviolet germicidal lamps to clean the environment and protect the safety of the accommodation. The public areas include halls, restaurants and banquet halls, kitchens and meal preparation areas, and toilets. All air-conditioning equipment is equipped with UVC ultraviolet lamps to disinfect viruses and bacteria in the air.

  6. Food and beverage hygiene control

    All the restaurants are inspected in accordance with national standards of food hygiene and safety standards. The cleaning and disinfection processes at each contact point, within and outside the kitchen, are implemented. Service personnel wear masks.
    - Washing their hands per hour and use disinfectant, cleaning and disinfecting the public space periodically, including wiping door handles, dining tables and chairs, for comprehensive protection
    - Using high-temperature sterilization machines for tableware and utensils

※【Friendly Reminders】
  • If you have any discomfort or a fever, please contact our staffs as soon as possible. We will provide assistance immediately.

    Thank you for your support. Invite you to preserve Taiwan's health control.
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