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What We Are Not

At Fleur de Chine, we sincerely appreciate the patronage of our distinguished guests over the years. As we reflect upon the founding visions for our hotel, we ask ourselves the essential question of what we are, and what we are not. We believe it is through making these careful and consistent choices that we are able to create a most unforgettable experience and ensure full satisfaction for all our guests.

We hope that our guiding principles and our wholehearted service will help create lasting memories for you and yours.

  • We are not a hotel where indoors smoking is allowed.
  • We are not a hotel that proactively provides disposable supplies.
  • We are not a hotel that provides bottled mineral water; instead we serve fresh sparkling water from our water dispenser imported from Italy.
  • We are not a hotel with unlimited parking spaces; guests are encouraged to take our pleasant and eco-friendly shuttle bus to and from the Taichung High Speed Rail station.
  • We are not a hotel that likes loud noises at night.
  • We are not a hotel where guests can be rude to the staff.
  • We are not a hotel that welcomes excessive drinking.
  • We are not a hotel that emphasizes “value for money” by offering unlimited free services, but we do our best to serve every guest with our utmost hospitality.

    We hope you do not mind the above "are-nots" and that you fully enjoy what we “ARE”at Fleur de Chine!
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