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Ciao Club

Ciao VIP Lounge

/The exquisite ambiance of South European greenery. The finest local seasonal ingredients. Enjoying transmitting sustainable living/

A VIP exclusive club──

Ciao Club

Welcome, and I look forward to seeing you here soon.

A new Italian Tuscan garden-style "Ciao" executive lounge, affords a visual space perfectly combining Italian and Nantou's natural space, and the culinary ingredients are all connected to a variety of local areas. It provides the only all-day "meal ordering" in Taiwan, with butler-style service, comparable to a top-level club, creating a delicate and comfortable dining experience.



Opening Hours

Daily Breakfast (Monday to Saturday)
08:00~12:00, Last order 11:30

Lunch (Monday to Saturday)

Champagne Brunch (Sunday only)
10:30~14:00, Last order 13:30

Drink Bar

Happy Hour

Dinner (À la carte)
17:30~21:00, Last order 20:30

Late Night Snack
21:00~23:00, Last order 22:30

Lounge Pass- Official Website Booking Exclusive

Stays in the Lakeview Rooms of "Premier" level with above packages:
Fleur de Chine Vacation, KEN CAN Vacation, Enjoy a premium teppanyaki dinner, Unwind & Dine Package, VALMONT SPA Holiday, Stay More For Less, Early Bird Promotion, Travel with DiDi Package, and Love Our Environment Package.
※Usage Period: From Check-in day 15:00 to Check-out day 13:00.
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Fleur de Chine's newly established concierge service - "Ciao" executive lounge, offers guests the exclusive atmosphere of "Privilege", "Prestige", "Privacy", and "Priority", with its unique four P’s conveying the exquisiteness and value of this high-end club. In terms of space design, the Tuscan greenhouse garden style and the lush "Ciao" introduce natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows offering 270-degree lake views. The planting art uses the concept of "lemon trees" and "olive trees" running throughout the overall design, with a strong Italian style. The entrance to the welcome hall is equipped with a Poseidon fountain, conveying the concepts of water resources and robust natural sunlight. "Ciao" is committed to emphasizing these concepts of greenery and sustainability from the space to the dining table, ensuring a most charming and romantic atmosphere.

"Ciao" has 72 seats. Guests staying in designated room types with special stay packages can use their exclusive room cards to freely enter and exit, all day long. You can sit back and relax in the lounge to enjoy fine wines or enjoy the five-course dining options prepared by the culinary team every day, creating a "hotel within a hotel" for the ultimate luxury vacation experience. In particular, "Ciao" is the only executive lounge in Taiwan that offers this style meal ordering and is open all day. It is also the only executive lounge that offers a "Champagne brunch" on weekends. In addition to the full-day menu, it also offers a selection of Italian red and white wines and other drinks during happy hours, along with Tuscan tapas, ensuring all our guests feel specially honored to be served in this exclusive lounge.

Ciao Relaxing Pace Executive Lounge's food and space design are both rich in Tuscan Italian style. Tuscany is a land of abundance, where vineyards and olive trees flourish everywhere. The residents have deep-rooted connections to their land. And the dishes on the table echo with nature, using only the freshest ingredients to bring out the simple elegant style of Tuscan cuisine. The full-day menu carefully plans over 30 classic Italian dishes from bread, appetizers, salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts. Among them, "Homemade Tomato Bread Soup", "Tuscan Kale Salad", "Florentine Tripe", and "Tuscan Cheese Rolls" are all examples of the finest traditional Tuscan cuisine. The style brings out the unique dining experience at the Ciao Relaxing Pace Executive Lounge.

A daily refined breakfast is a major feature of Ciao. From Sunday to Friday, guests staying in the hotel can choose from the breakfast at the Crimson International buffet or enjoy the Italian Tuscan breakfast at the executive lounge. In addition, the popular local breakfast offerings "Puli Qingbao Salty Fried Churro Strips" and "Su Mama's Flat Noodles" are also introduced to the Ciao Relaxing Pace Executive Lounge. Now, you can enjoy these traditional flavors of local cuisine without having to search far and wide. In addition, Ciao Relaxing Pace Executive Lounge has specially designed a "Sunday Champagne Brunch" for guests staying on Saturday. The service hours are from 10:30 to 14:00. In addition to the selected dishes from the daily breakfast, it also offers French oysters and premium caviar. You can enjoy Italian red and white wines, sparkling wines, and champagne, to create a more luxurious dining experience for our guests.


Dress code

A smart casual look is all you need.

Recommended Attire for Men
Trousers / Khaki Pants / High-Quality Jeans / Shorts
Dress Shirts / Sweaters / Polo Shirts
Sneakers / Casual Shoes

Recommended Attire for Women
Dresses / Skirts (Long and Short) / Shorts
Blouses / Sweaters
Flats / Casual Shoes / Low Heels

Please refrain from wearing the following attire and accessories upon entry
Slippers / Pajamas / Bathrobes / Swimwear

Ciao Club
Ciao Club
Ciao Club
Ciao Club

‧ This restaurant only caters to guests staying in designated room types and participating in specified accommodation packages. Please present the exclusive lemon-yellow room key of Ciao Club.
‧ After Checking out, guests can enter and use Ciao Club till 13:00 on check-out day.
‧ A variety of rich beverages are available at this restaurant. Outside beverages are not permitted.
‧ In order to environmental protection, this restaurant does not provide disposable tableware or takeaway services.
‧ To maintain the dining quality, this restaurant is only open to guests aged 10 and above.
‧ For a comfortable dining experience, please set your mobile phone to silent upon entry. Thank you for your cooperation.
‧ Fleur de Chine Hotel reserves the right to make modifications. Prices or timings are subject to change without prior notice. Please feel free to contact us at 049-2856788 for inquiries.

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